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Drink Less

Drink Less

Drink Less

Time for a drink... or time to change how you think?

Whether you’re looking to just cut down on your drinking, or to stop drinking completely and become alcohol-free, it means making a big change to your lifestyle.

We're here to help you and our expert team based right here in Coventry are ready and waiting to meet that challenge with you.

Do you know how much is a unit?

1.5 Units

Small (125ml) glass of wine (12%) = 1.5 units

3 Units

Large (250ml) glass of wine (12%) = 3 units

3 Units

Pint of higher strength (ABV 5.2%) lager/beer/cider) = 3 Units

1.7 Units

Bottle (330ml) of lager/Beer/Cider (5%) = 1.7 units

1 Units

Single small (25ml) shot of spirits (40%) = 1 unit












The benefits of drinking less:

Of course it's easy to get the next round in, stay 'for one' or have another glass of wine whilst cooking your tea, but that doesn't mean we can't set realistic targets and some new boundaries.

The boost to our overall health and well-being speaks for itself:

  • More Energy
    If you want to be the best you - you need energy. Lowering your drinking cuts right through that tired sluggish feeling. No day after effects here.
  • Better Sleep
    Reducing your alcohol intake allows for a deeper sleep meaning you will be revitalised fully by the morning! Fresh face, brighter skin and ready to go for the day.
  • Healthier Heart
    Cutting down on alcohol can reduce your chances of heart disease and high blood pressure as well as boost your overall health.

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