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Meet the team

Meet the team


When you join the healthy lifestyle programme you will be assigned a coach who is a specialist in health and wellbeing. Each member of our team has a unique skillset and we will match you with the perfect one to one coach to motivate you all the way to achieving your goals.

Peter Kent

Healthy Lifestyle Service Lead

Rokaya Batan

Senior HLS Engagement Coach

Patricia Evans

Senior Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Bev Durber

Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Sharon Birt

Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Daniel Findlay

Senior Healthy Lifestyles Coach

Luke Jones

Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Michaela Greenhalgh

Healthy Lifestyles Coach

James Walters

Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Annalise Pugh

Nutritional Lead

Bethany Tripp

Remote Healthy Lifestyle Advisor

Stephanie Owen

Healthy Lifestyles Advisor 

Natalie Mwandiambira

Healthy Lifestyle Advisor

Amy Kular

In Reach Stop Smoking Advisor

Upeksha Weerakoon

In Reach Stop Smoking Advisor

Maisy Gray

In Patient Stop Smoking Advisor


Welcome to our team of staff and specialist health coaches, dedicated to supporting you to be your best.