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Mohammed aged 33 joined us for a chat about becoming smoke-free through the help of the service and what’s next for him.

After smoking since he was 18 years old, Mohammed told himself that when he got to 30, he would quit. At 31 he was ready to make a change. During a GP appointment, Mohammed was recommended our service and told there was an on-site clinic at his GP surgery. 

Mohammed really valued the service and its friendly nature “like talking to a good friend… they’re not there to judge you, they are there to help you”. Mohammed has now been smoke-free for a year and a half “It seems like a distance now, did I used to smoke?!”. 

When Mohammed joined the service, he found the motivation and advice provided was just what he needed to help him quit. One tip from his healthy lifestyles coach Rokaya that really helped Mohammed was “a craving only lasts 2 minutes”. Knowing that a craving only lasts such a short amount of time, Mohammed felt he could fight it and get through it and with the support from Rokaya, he did and the more he did this, the easier it became.

Mohammed feels “great” to be smoke-free, “I’m disappointed that I didn’t do it earlier in my life”.

Mohammed put on some weight whilst he quit smoking but knows that he can get the same great support and advice from the service to lose weight. Mohammed has been using the same 2-minute craving tactic for when it comes to food and has increased his cardio at the gym to help him lose the weight and get him back to where he was.

Like Mohammed, you could go to free clinics at a place convenient to you such as your GP surgeries, children centres, pharmacies etc. – this way we can meet at a place convenient for you. Find your nearest clinic here

Watch the video at the top of this page to hear Mohammed's story.

Receive free support to stop smoking, lose weight, get more active and feel your best, you can contact us on freephone 0800 122 3780, or text COV NY to 60777